Are you wanting to be a greener landlord?

Are you wanting to be a greener landlord?

According to a recent survey, 67% of people in the UK think that environmental problems are either equally or more concerning than health issues.

Following requests from tenants, who are looking for a greener rental experience, these are the top tips we've uncovered for landlords to better adapt to the needs of modern-day renter.


Replace bulbs in the house with LED lights

LED bulbs lasts up to five times compared to normal light bulbs.

Making the switch to LED bulbs will also benefit tenants too by reducing their electricity bills, saving them approximately £40 a year, according to Energy Saving Trust.


Install a smart meter

Having a smart meter is another eco-friendly choice, especially when in combination with a learning thermostat.

This is a change that would require input from your tenant, but one that would also benefit them by having an accurate meter reading, knowing where money can be saved.


Own a dual flush toilet

A dual flush toilet can be purchased at a reasonable price and can help save a significant amount of water when flushing (Possibly 40-50%).

They’re known to be complex to install for those who aren’t experienced with a toolkit, but it is worthwhile for environmental savings in the long run.


Switch to paperless

The world has moved on from the days of paper and pen. The digital age is one that massively benefits landlords, with everything from tenancy agreements to inventories being accessible online.

These are all small steps to make sure landlords can play their part in contributing towards a greener world.


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