Budget decorating ideas

Budget decorating ideas

Whether you’re looking to give your home a refresh or starting from scratch with your first home, decorating doesn’t have to cost a fortune to look great. Here are some fun and simple tips to help you decorate without spilling over your budget!


Add some greenery

Plants are a fantastic decorating medium for those on a budget. You can use flowers for colour, standing indoor trees for dimension, or tiny cacti for that finishing touch. All of which you can usually find at a reasonable or even discounted price.

Make your own artwork

It’s not as difficult as it may seem. Have you ever seen a splash of colours over a canvas and thought to yourself, “I could do that.” Now’s the time to put it to the test. Hanging artwork up is an excellent way to give your house personality and style. But if you really aren’t convinced by your art skills, make use of your creative friends - maybe they could paint up a housewarming gift for you!

Add visual space

Hanging and standing mirrors are a simple yet effective way of making your room look larger and more spacious. Large mirrors reflect their surroundings, causing your room to appear twice its size.

Add patterns to plain white dishware

Sets of plain white bowls and plates go for as low as £15 on the high street. If the price tag appeals to you but not the aesthetics, ceramic paint or sharpies are all you need to design your own collection of colourful crockery. If you wish to decorate the inside of a bowl without a kiln, keep the piece out of the kitchen and use it to store jewelry or keys instead.

Hang a photo gallery

Apps like Freeprints allow you to print personal photographs for free! All you need to do is pay for delivery and you’ll have an array of memories at your doorstep within 2-3 working days. You can implement pictures into your home in several creative ways, some of which include photo lines, collages, galleries and hanging ornaments.

Upgrade your tub at almost no cost

All you need for a rustic bath caddy is a flat slab of wood, long enough to reach either side of the bath. And there you have it, a minimalist, boho-themed and functional piece of furniture!

Paint terracotta pots

If your home is missing that last pop of colour, ceramic paint applies beautifully over plant pots. And as they’re small and low cost in nature, you can dot them all around your house!

Reuse and repurpose

Instead of buying something new, you could save on money and waste by repurposing old or used items. Instead of throwing away an empty jam jar or gin bottle, why not place tea candles or fairy lights inside for a vibrant and low-cost decoration?


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