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Easy DIY projects to spruce up your space

The easiest home renovations are those that don’t take too much skill or time but make a big impression.

And the good news is, there are lots of small projects you can take on that won’t blow your budget, too.

Check out these easy DIY home renovations…

How to spruce up your home on a budget

It’s possible to add some real pizzazz to your home on a small budget by taking on easy but effective DIY projects yourself.

Here are 10 simple things you can do yourself to really spruce up your property

1. An eye-popping front door

The first thing people see when they arrive at your home is your front door.

So, why not breathe some new life into it and make a stunning and immediate impression?

If your front door is wooden, pick a bold and vibrant colour and grab your paint brush.

If it’s a composite or uPVC front door, but lacking impact, consider replacing it with something classic or more colourful.

2. Add some storage

Adequate storage is an essential part of any home.

Not only that, but the right kind of storage can also make your property look and feel more lived in and homely.

Consider adding some bespoke floating shelves to your kitchen, where you can store and display spices.

Or add some shelving units to each side of your living room fireplace, where you can add books and trinkets to really boost that homely feel.

3. Upcycle some old furniture

Upcycling old items has been a major interior trend for many years – and it’s showing no signs of disappearing.

By improving a classic item, you can create some stunning character features for your home.

Consider re-varnishing or painting period-style chairs or tables.

Or, if you’re lucky enough to have some original period features in your home, such as a fireplace, start a small restoration project to bring it back to its best.

4. Go bold on ceilings

Standard procedure in most UK homes is a to have ceilings painted in pure brilliant white.

So, if you really want your property to stand out, why not paint your ceiling in a bolder, warmer colour?

Bold ceilings are a major current interior trend and can make your living room feel more dynamic and cosier.

And all you need to achieve the look is the right colour, a paintbrush, a roller, and a little bit of time.

5. Create texture with panelling

Wall panelling is another huge interior trend.

And although certain types of panelling can be complicated, adding a shaker feature wall to your bedroom or living room can create wonderful texture and a classic, period look.

Many DIY stores offer ready-cut panels to create the shaker look, but you could also have a go at creating your own panelled wall with some MDF strips and a bold colour.

6. Make some planters for the garden

While it’s easy to focus your DIY project efforts on your property’s interior, you shouldn’t forget the outside of your home – particularly ahead of spring.

How about making some DIY planters from old pallets?

Or grab an old chest of drawers, paint them and line them with plastic, before adding some colourful plants to the drawers?

7. Wallpaper your stairs

While it’s possible to add some real style to your stairs by painting them and adding a runner, why not take things one step further and wallpaper your stair risers?

It might sound a bit ‘out there’, but by adding a colourful wallpaper to your stairs, you’ll really bring a much-used area of your home to life.

8. Upgrade your splashback

The kitchen is the heart of the home but can sometimes feel uninspired.

One great way to add some colour and texture to your kitchen space is by adding a tiled splashback.

If you’re not confident tiling yourself, you could always bring in a professional.

But a uniform, straight area that requires only simple cuts, such as behind a kitchen sink or hob, could be something you can take on yourself!

9. Paint your kitchen units

Replacing your kitchen units with new ones can be hugely expensive.

If your units are wooden and non-gloss, but are looking a little tired or outdated, you could consider giving them a fresh lick of paint to bring them back to the present day.

Painting your units is simple, but you’ll need to ensure you’ve done all your prep work, including:

Removing the doors and handles beforehand

Cleaning off any dirt and grime before your start

Giving your units and doors a light sand with fine paper to ‘key’ the surface

Painting the wood with a primer before adding your colour

10. Upgrade your sockets and switches

White plastic sockets and wall switches add very little to a property’s character.

But by upgrading yours to better quality, metal plate, you’ll be adding a subtle yet eye-catching feature to your property.

If you’re not comfortable re-wiring wall sockets and switches, look for an electrician to do this for you.

And remember to purchase all the sockets and switches you need in one batch – as often certain options can be withdrawn from sale, meaning you’ll end up with a mixture of different styles throughout your home.

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