Fall through rates plunge

Fall through rates plunge

Fall through rates have fallen drastically during Q3, down from 28% from Q2, currently sitting at 11%.

This is due to a variety of influences, including the stamp duty holiday deadline and a low level of supply, which has resulted in a record number of properties being snapped up by buyers and tenants.


So, what are the key reasons for houses falling through after reaching a sale agreed?


Percentage of failed sales

Buyer tried to renegotiate price after sale had been agreed/changed mind about purchase


Buyer pulled out of purchase due to survey or legal issues


Buyer or seller pulled out of sale due to slow progress


Buyer was refused a mortgage


Buyer was gazumped (seller pulled out of the sale due to a higher offer from a different buyer)



What can you do to ensure your house sale doesn’t fall through?

Avoiding rushing the process, to prevent putting pressure on your buyer, and ask for a proof of finances as early as possible. Once you’ve found a buyer, communication is key. So, work with your chain and estate agent to ensure you have the smoothest possible move.


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