Give your property sale a head start before 2019

Give your property sale a head start before 2019

Christmas is traditionally a slow time for property. Let's face it: The festive season isn't really the time for life-changing decisions like buying or selling your home.

But if you are already thinking of selling or renting out your house in the New Year, the days leading up to Christmas could provide a great opportunity to get a head start on the competition.

Here's our guide to getting your home ready for a quick-fire January sale or let.


Christmas is a wonderful time of year. But it can bring with it some less than attractive weather.

And all that means is your property's exterior will look less than its usual spotless self.

Get on the phone to a trusted window cleaner to give your windows a spruce up before they pack away their squeegee for the festive break.

Most of the autumn leaves would have fallen by now so don't forget to clear pathways and lawns now before the frost hits hard.

Buyers can make up their mind on a property within 30 seconds of arriving, so make sure your home makes a good impression from the outset.



The best thing about Christmas and the New Year is the senses. While decorating over the Christmas period might seem like an added stress, a splash of paint and some warming tones can make a real difference to a potential buyer.

But making your home appear inviting will only work if you move away the Christmas clutter. Pack away the kids' presents neatly and make sure all the last remnants of that shedding Christmas tree are cleared away ready for that flood of New Year buyers!



Show it off! Yes, it's winter so we don't expect you to fire up the barbecue or bring out the garden seating from the shed, but keeping your outdoor space appealing during these colder months will allow potential buyers to visualise themselves out there in the summer.

Particularly if your home is toasty warm when the come to view it!

Trim back any branches that are overhanging and blocking light into your home and rake up any remaining leaves.

And with the autumn fall and increased rain, check your guttering isn't blocked and that drain covers are clear of debris.



One of the most common reasons for sales or lettings falling through is financial issues.

Use the time between now and Christmas to speak with your financial advisor and tie up any loose ends that may affect your ability to sell.

A little time spent now could halt a nasty problem in its tracks once you have that keen-to-proceed New Year buyer.



Finally, away from the presentation of your property, let your chosen estate agent know before Christmas that you are planning to put your home on the sales or lettings market in the New Year.

With a few days remaining until Christmas, agents might just have someone on their 'keen' list looking for a home just like yours. Getting the ball rolling now could get it careering towards an early New Year sale, when more properties are likely to be competing against your own.

If you want to sell or buy a property in the new year, speak to your local office today!