Good internet connection now considered vital by renters

Good internet connection now considered vital by renters

Whether for work, study or entertainment reasons, a reliable and affordable broadband connection is likely to be one of the first services that prospective tenants look for in a new home, as it is one thing most people simply cannot live without. Just ask any one of the millennial renters still waiting for an 'engineer' to come and connect their router.

According to new research, 83% of millennial renters wait more than a week for Internet connection which is a major turnoff.

The research from LivingCom confirms that high-speed internet connectivity is an essential part of renting, with 96% saying a lack of Internet services when moving into a property is a major frustration.

The study suggests that sub-standard broadband connectivity can have an adverse impact on rental values as it can make it harder to attract, and indeed, retain tenants, with three quarters of young professionals surveyed saying they would be more inclined to rent a property that had a pre-installed Internet service.

Paul Eaton, commercial manager at LivingCom, commented: "77% of young professionals own three or more internet-ready devices, so connectivity is key for these millennial movers, and with three in four of this market lacking the funds to buy their own property, the private rental sector should be ensuring high speed Wi-Fi and internet based services are delivered as an essential amenity, as soon as possible.

"With 83% of 25 to 30 year olds having to wait more than a week to be connected in their new homes, it's clear that high-speed Internet connectivity needs to become an essential part of property development and a priority for landlords."

Separate research from Broadband last week found that many Brits now consider internet connection to be more important than heating.

The study by the comparison site revealed that 76% of British adults view broadband as an essential utility, with around a third - 36% - saying they could not live without it.

The study also uncovered how broadband has become a deal breaker when it comes to property, with one in five (20 per cent) saying they wouldn't buy a house if it had a poor internet connection.

Younger adults aged 18-24 were most likely to forgo heating in favour of broadband, with 23% of people in this age group willing to go without heating for a week and 15% happy to be left in the cold for a month. However, it was the over 65s who valued the internet the most, with 81% saying they thought it was an essential utility.

Ben Wilson, from Broadband, said: "These figures highlight just how important the internet has become in our daily lives, with the majority of people now considering it an essential utility, like energy or water."

"The internet has quietly become a vital part in many people's day-to-day lives and as such it's now more important than ever to make sure you're with the right provider at the right price," he added. 

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