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How Can a Basement Conversion Add Value To My Home?

How Can a Basement Conversion Add Value To My Home?
Basement Masters are an established and specialist basement construction company, with 20 years of experience and expertise in both the design and construction of basements. The team offer a complete build service from concept through to completion, including architectural design, structural and geotechnical engineering, construction of the concrete shell, waterproofing and quality finishes.

In this post, Basement Masters explore the multiple ways in which you can add value to your property through the conversion or indeed construction of your basement: 

A basement conversion gives you so much flexibility on how to gain the maximum benefit from extending your home.

Unlike converting your loft space, which invariably lends itself to the creation of additional bedroom and en-suite bathroom space, a basement conversion offers scope for extending the main living areas of your home. Of course, additional bedroom and bathroom space will add immediate value to your home, and improve its saleability, however you can think out of the box with a basement conversion! 

You can utilise the space beneath your feet to create a larger kitchen, another reception room/family room, children's playroom and even a 'nanny annexe' with its very own external entrance.

There are so many possibilities with a basement conversion, with popular options now being home cinema rooms, home gyms and even swimming pools!


The kitchen is often the main selling point of a house, with today's trend consisting of open plan family room kitchens, with a space to cook, dine and play together. All of this can be achieved with a basement conversion.

Contrary to what many people believe, you do not need to have an existing basement or cellar to 'convert' your basement.  You can have what is termed as a 'retrospective basement conversion' which means that the basement can be created beneath the existing floor space of your home. You can indeed go further and extend beneath your garden, giving scope for plenty of imagination.

Property guru Phil Spencer who himself has invested in a basement conversion, quotes "for every £1 invested into the house, potentially £3 was added to its value.  Also when I bought the house it was 2,200 square feet and now with basement and kitchen extension it is 4,000 square feet - so it has virtually doubled in size.  As I say, the real value lies in increasing your living space".

Adding space to your property means adding an extra room, therefore adding an extra room/living space means adding more value to the price of your property, which is typically around 20% of its value. 

Apart from the extra space for you or your family, a basement conversion can earn you a packet in additional rental income. Most simply, you could rent the converted basement to a lodger, who would then share the kitchen and bathroom with the family.

Or, alternatively, you could convert the basement into a self-contained studio apartment, with its own front door if so desired.

Basement conversions were championed by the Minister of State for Housing and Planning in 2005 as a way of addressing the UK's increasing inner-city dwelling density.

The trend for basement conversions is big news in the London area, where cramped homeowners are keen to use every square foot of space. The basement option is versatile and flexible, and can dramatically enhance not only the value of your home, but also your lifestyle.  

The typical couple looking to purchase a home, particularly with a young family, are not just buying a home, they are also investing in a lifestyle choice.

There is also the home office space that you can achieve, with the growing trend for many of us to work from home. By creating a fantastic home work space, you can save money on renting office space elsewhere.

With so many positive options that can add not only space and style to your home, but also value, it is no wonder that the #basementconversion market is really taking off!
Most properties can be converted, and very careful consideration is given to ensure that your basement conversion is carried out to a high standard that will enhance and complement your existing property.

It is however vital, to instruct an experienced and qualified construction firm to carry out this work. We pride ourselves in the production of imaginative and practical design to expand your living space. 

Whether your house is terraced, semi or detached, or even a ground floor flat, we will be able to assist you. Plus, our basement conversions come with a ten year Basement Masters, insurance backed warranty. 

We are members of a number of trade federations including The Basement Waterproofing Association and Federation of Master Builders, and the British Structural Waterproof Association.

To speak to Basement Masters about increasing the value of your property and how you could enhance your home, visit their website here. The team are ready and waiting to help you achieve the maximum potential of the space beneath your feet! 

Finally, if you are searching for an investment opportunity and would like some help or guidance on your purchase, please contact your local Ellis and Co branch.

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