How can energy efficiencies boost your property’s value?

How can energy efficiencies boost your property’s value?

Homeowners who make energy efficiency enhancements, prior to listing their home, are improving their property’s value by tens of thousands. 

A study analysed over 200,000 homes that had sold twice, with an improved EPC the second time.*

Those who had improved their rating from an F to a C were found to have increased their home’s value by an average of 16%.

Based on the current national average asking price of £344,445, this could add an additional £55,111 onto your sale value.

Moving from an E to a C was found to increase a seller’s asking price by an extra 8%, on average.

Again, based on the national average, this could mean an additional £27,556.

Whilst moving from a D to a C resulted in an average rise of 4% or £13,778 in value.

These findings follow the Government’s release of the Heat and Buildings Strategy, which sets out steps to lower the carbon emissions of homes and commercial buildings. 


As a result of this, buyers are willing to pay a premium amount to secure a home that is better designed for the future.

In the last five years, more than 22% of homes in the UK have been upgraded from a D rating or below, to a C rating or above.

The South East topped the regional list at 26%, followed by Wales and the East of England.

As more buyers and tenants search for greener properties, could now be the time to introduce energy efficiencies to your property? 

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