How to decorate for Christmas on a budget

How to decorate for Christmas on a budget

Decorating your property for Christmas can be expensive.

But even if you’re on a tight budget, it’s still possible to add a festive feel to your home this Christmas.

Here are 10 great budget Christmas decoration ideas for you to get stuck into…



1. Christmas table setting ideas on a budget

There’s no better way to get into the festive spirit than gathering around a table with family and friends for a superb Christmas dinner.

That means decorating your table – and you can do so with some great budget Christmas table setting ideas.

Try dressing your table with mini Christmas trees, using sprigs of a real tree placed in a small pot.

Or decorate your table with sprigs of holly and dried fruit – which will not only look fantastic but will also add some amazing smells to your room.



2. Design some budget Christmas crafts

By utilising what you have lying around the house, you can create some amazing Christmas crafts without spending a lot of money.

And if you have children, you can get them involved, too.

Why not try making mini Christmas trees out of pieces of old magazine paper?

All you need is some wooden skewers, a pair of scissors and some old magazines to cut up into squares.

Or you could try making your own baubles, using pinecones, holly and pieces of string.



3. Budget DIY Christmas centrepieces

The focal point of your Christmas dinner table will always be your centrepiece – and you can create one with the wow factor on a budget.

All you’ll need is a silver serving tray, a candle with glass surround, and some festive foliage gathered from the great outdoors.

Think pinecones, tree offcuts and autumnal leaves, as well as sprigs of holly.



4. Decorate your Christmas tree on a budget

Your Christmas tree is another important festive focal point.

But you don’t need hundreds of baubles or expensive lights to make it stand out.

Try using more natural decorations like pinecones and hessian cloth, alongside wooden baubles.

Not only does this produce a superb, natural-looking tree, but it also means you’ll be using fewer non-recyclable plastics.

Dried fruit like spiced orange is another great splash of colour and scent you can add to your tree.

Add some cinnamon spice to some clementines and dry them out in your oven.

Once fully dried out, make some incisions around the edge to allow the smells to come out and thread through some string from bottom to top, make a loop and hang from your tree.



5. Grab some foliage for free

The deep greens and browns of holly, twigs, sprigs, and pinecones are synonymous with Christmas.

And you don't need to spend a pretty penny at the garden centre to get them, either.

Get your welly boots and a thick coat and scarf on and get out on a bright day to grab some festive foliage.

Then, once you get home and have warmed up with a mug of something hot, start turning what you've foraged into amazing creations like wreaths and table decorations.



6. Add the scents of Christmas

What smells remind you of Christmas?

Perhaps your go-to aroma is natural wood and spices?

If so, don't head to the shops for an expensive plug-in fragrance or candle, because you can make your own scent if you've got a roaring fire in your front room.

Simply bunch together cinnamon sticks and some of your pinecones from your woodland forage and tie them up with newspaper.

Throw them on to a roaring fire and breathe in the smell of Christmas at very little cost.



7. Sustainable budget Christmas decorations

As well as creating amazing tree decorations, garlands made from recycled bits and pieces can make stunning displays to liven up the rooms in your property.

Try stringing together pieces of lace with pinecones and holly to make a unique piece of festive art.

Wrapping paper for all those presents, meanwhile, can be a costly affair.

And it's not always the easiest material to recycle, either.

So, why not make your own?

Grab a cheap roll of recycled paper from a craft store and get your creative juices flowing with potato stamps shaped into holly or little Christmas trees.

You can get the kids involved, too, and the recipients will love the extra effort.



8. A budget advent calendar

If you have children, they might take some convincing on this one as there's no chocolate involved - well, not directly anyway.

But making an alternative advent calendar can certainly make a real impression this Christmas.

Make 24 small parcels from some recycled wrapping paper and get the kids to decorate them, before writing the numbers one to 24 on the front.

On the reverse of each parcel, write a clue for where a sweet treat is hidden in the house and then peg each one to lengths of string and fix to the wall or an empty picture frame.



9. Make some budget festive lanterns

If you've got a lot of tins out for recycling, grab a few before they're collected - they make great festive lanterns.

Peel off the labels and put them through your dishwasher so they're looking as shiny as possible.

Fill each one with water and put them in the freezer until frozen solid.

Next, use a hammer and nail to pierce the outside of each tin and form a festive shape, like a heart or a Christmas tree - the ice, you see, will stop the cans denting!

Once the ice has melted and each can is dry, put a tealight in the bottom, light each one and line them up on your mantelpiece.



10. Decorate your outdoor space on a budget

If you're looking for easy outdoor Christmas decorating ideas, look no further!

We're all hoping for a dry Christmas this year - after all, is there anything better than wrapping up for a hot mulled wine in the crisp evening air?

But if you are going to head outside on the big day, you want it to feel as festive as your home's interior does.

Try some of the following cost-effective decoration ideas to liven up your property's exterior with the need for too many lights and a huge electricity bill.


  • Fill pots or water containers with festive foliage
  • Wrap solar lights around bushes
  • Hang home-made wreaths from doors and on walls
  • Make a wooden Christmas tree from an old pallet
  • Hang baubles from porches
  • Decorate garden furniture with foliage


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