How to Make Your Hallway Stand Out

How to Make Your Hallway Stand Out

Hallways are small spaces of often hugely wasted potential. When you and your guests walk through your front door, being greeted with an instant ‘wow’ factor sets the tone for the rest of your home, and first impressions are important! Here are some top tips on how to spruce up your hallway.


Light up the space

Change the atmosphere of your hallway with ambient and decorative lighting. If you have a long hallway, ceiling lights at either end will accentuate the elongated space and invite guests into the rest of your home. Decorative lamps and stylish hanging lights will create a focal point for the hallway and illuminate dim corners.


Angle up the staircase

Compliment the unique slant of the wall alongside your staircase by angling various photoframes or décor pieces in an inclining pattern. This will characterise an empty space and give your guests some visual appeal when they go up the stairs.


Lay down an area rug

If your home has a long, narrow hallway, lay down an area rug or a runner to add definition and warmth. In neutral colour schemes, rugs are also a great way to add a pop of colour without cluttering the space. Opt for patterns like stripes and zigzags that help showcase and elongate the floor.


Shoe stands and coat hooks

Part of the reason many people pay little thought to their hallway’s design is that they’re widely seen as a functional transitioning space. Clear up the clutter of your coats, shoes and wayward brollies by hanging up hooks and making use of shoe storage. If you have a cupboard under the stairs, add shelving and lighting to ensure organisation - the last thing you want is things tumbling out when you open the door!


Durable flooring

Seeing some of the heaviest footfall in the entire house, the entrance to a home will suffer the most wear and tear. Consider swapping out your carpet for low maintenance and hard-wearing flooring which is built to survive all your family’s dirty shoes and paws. Opt for hardwood and porcelain tile if possible and take advantage of the diverse range of patterns as dirt and damage shows up better on plain backgrounds.


Paint to enhance

Most hallways can be dim due to the lack of natural lighting available, and this can make the space appear narrow. Primary colours like red and blue walls tend to counteract any light coming in, especially if the paint is matte. Consider neutrals and high gloss paint instead for a bright and airy look.


Add furniture

Give the space a sense of function with a narrow console table and dress it with lamps, flowers or a key tray. If your hallway is big enough, cabinets and coat stands help to declutter while also filling up bare space. Alternatively, low cushioned benches with built in shoe racks underneath are a seamless way to hide your shoes, and you’ll have a place to sit while you put them on!