Sellers: Paint Your Property Perfect

Sellers: Paint Your Property Perfect

Selling your home can be a potentially stressful process, and a quick Google search provides you with a plethora of advice and tips on what you should do, and what is best avoided - it could become a minefield of information - leaving you feeling confused and anxious about achieving the best price possible for your home.

However, by choosing the right estate agent you will receive the support you need to feel confident that selling your home is in good hands and you will be able to avoid common seller pitfalls. Alongside partnering with an experienced and reputable estate agent, there are ways in which you can also influence the sale of your home.

In this blog post, Aedan Kiernan, of Wood Finishes Direct, the UK's largest online supplier of wood finishes and treatments delves into all aspects of paint and how this one simple aspect of your home decor, could be affecting its sale.

Colour Choices

While you might think that a paint colour is just a cosmetic factor and changes nothing about your property, it can actually make an important and lasting impression on someone and how they feel about your home.

Generally speaking the colours to avoid are ones which are either too vibrant, neon or too dark, like black or dark purple. These colours take the attention away from the home, and draw it to the paint. Instead try using a mild of soft shade, which adds character, without being too bold.

We have all heard about colours making a room feel larger, but what about colours also making a room feel smaller? Dark colours absorb light, which can in turn make a room feel smaller than it is. Not only that, dark colours can make a home feel cold and unloved - not the effect you want to be having on potential home buyers.

TIP:To make a room feel larger use light colours, as this help light bounce around the room making it feel larger.

Paint can also make your home feel old and dated. If your paintwork hasn't been touched up in a couple of years, this will give the perception that your home is poorly maintained. A total no go when selling a property. Using a fresh and modern scheme will make your home feel new again and appear well looked after to potential buyers.


If you do decide to repaint, but hiring in help is out of your budget, you will want to make sure you do it well, to ensure a professional finish. We have compiled some useful tips and tricks to help you:

1) Don't buy the first colour you see. Remember, shops have artificial light and while a colour may look nice in the shop; they may not look as good in different areas of your room – with varying shade and daylight.

TIP:Always use testers to see how the chosen colour performs in different areas of your room.

2) Prepare the room so it is ready to paint before you start. Make sure anything that can't be removed from the room is covered and protected, i.e. floors and furniture. Also cover all borders using tape, to help you get the perfect line when painting. The last thing you want to do is damage carpets or furniture whilst getting your home ready to sell.

3) Invest in some expert tools for the job. You can't expect to paint the Mona Lisa with a 99p paintbrush. Make sure you buy the best tools that your money will buy. Do your research - a secret tool a lot of professional painters use are Padco Applicators, disposable painting tools designed to make painting easier, quicker and produce a superior finish. These tools are not available at all DIY stores, but can be found online at reputable websites.

4) Take your time. While you will want to get your painting completed as quickly as possible, rushing could compromise the finish and the sale of your property in the long term.

5) Keep the area well ventilated. These days you can buy a range of water based paints with low VOC levels, although it is still important to keep air circulating around your home while you are painting to avoid any nasty fumes emitted.

We hope this blog post has outlined the role that paint plays in selling houses, and that with minimal expense and effort you can make your home more attractive to buyers and maximise the sale price to its fullest.

If you are selling your home, contact your local Ellis & Co branch. Our knowledgeable and friendly team are experts in selling homes in your area and would love to help with yours. Alternatively, take a look at the Ellis & Co blog for more property selling tips and advice and up to date property news.

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