Selling Property SOS: Why Isn't My House Selling?

Selling Property SOS: Why Isn't My House Selling?
Check out our five property sins (and how to fix them) to make your property sell faster!

You've staged the property accordingly, but it's not enough to convert the viewings into a sale. What's going wrong? 

1. Your asking price is too high

When your home is up for critique, everything becomes personal. Many people overestimate the value of their home due to the sentimental value they attach to it. Estate agents are able to professionally value your property taking into consideration the facts at hand, the property and the local market, devoid of personal attachment. If you are seeing low offers or few viewings, this could be the reason.

How to fix:
  • Research recent sales of similar properties on your road, how does your property and pricing compare?
  • Attain valuations from three agents and price at the average of the three.
  • Be flexible - consider lower offers, and request feedback regarding these offer(s) to shape your plan going forward!
2. Your curb appeal is below par
You don't get a second chance at a first impression. Poor curb appeal can put buyers off before they're even through the door.

How to fix:
  • Where applicable, mow the lawn, trim the hedges, paint the exterior and clean the windows.
  • Take ten minutes to tidy prior to viewings - nobody wants to see rubbish bags or children's toys littering a front garden.
3. Your estate agent relationship isn't working
Perhaps your estate agent's relationship isn't working for you - or hard enough for you. If you see any red flags regarding your estate agent, take action. How to fix:
  • Choose your estate agent carefully - It's an important relationship so be sure to select carefully in the early days.
  • Assess your contract type - Do you have a dedicated estate agent, or are you only paying for online services?Are there additional services your agent offers that you could benefit from?
  • Keep communication open - Regular contact and updates are key to selling properties.
4. Your personality is too strong within the property
You may love your cat ornament collection, exotic pet room or rainbow den more than anything - but that doesn't mean everyone else will. There is a lot of competition in the property market, so don't expect potential buyers to 'visualise the potential' - offer it to them on a plate.

How to fix:
  • Decorate your property in neutral shades - a few tins of white emulsion and a little elbow grease can really refresh and neutralise a property, allowing viewers to picture their belongings there.
  • Keep controversial items out of sight - you may be taking your ancient knife collection with you, but it may still send bad vibes to viewers. Don't take the risk!
5. Your online listing isn't detailed enough.
A few images and a description simply will not cut it anymore. With most property searches in the UK now beginning online, it's essential you stand out for all the right reasons. Your agent will usually take care of this for you, but don't be afraid to speak up if you feel there's something missing from your listing.

How to fix:
  • Ensure there are lots of good quality images that show the property in the best way possible.
  • Make detailed floorplans readily available online.
  • Detail local schools, attractions, transport links and any other local points of interest that may make your property more appealing.

If you'd like any help with anything you've seen above, or on selling your property faster, please contact your local Ellis and Co office today.