10 unusual house plants you’ll love

10 unusual house plants you’ll love

It’s not only dogs that have been booming in popularity since the pandemic started.

As we’re spending more time at home than ever before, house plants have also become a popular addition.

In fact, the average person spends as much as £300 a year on house plants – and 18-to-24-year-olds are leading the charge, with an average of 10 different plants in their homes.

But with so much choice, what house plants should you be looking to buy and how can you make a real statement in your property with some unique house plants?

We’ve got all the answers right here…

What are the benefits of having indoor plants?

House plants not only look great, but they come with a huge number of other benefits, including:

• Improved mood

• Reduced stress

• Increased work productivity

• Better attention span

• Reduced blood pressure

• Air purification benefits

What is the rarest house plant?

The Shenzhen Nongke Orchid is estimated to be the rarest house plant in the world, with a value of £200,000.

The plant only blooms once every four or five years and is almost impossible to find anywhere on the planet.

House plants, for many people, have become collector’s items, with huge amounts of money and even bidding wars erupting over certain species.

Rare tropical house plants

If you’re keen to make a real statement in your home, consider one of these rare topical house plants…

1. Butterfly Plant

With pink striped triangular leaves, the Butterfly Plant is one of the most striking tropical plants on the market.

It will burn in direct sunlight, though, so keep it in front of a shaded window.

2. Madagascan Palm

The Madagascan Palm has a wide stem and thin, waxy leaves but its yellow flowers are what really makes it special.

It’s low maintenance, too, and if it gets enough light and is potted in good soil, those stunning yellow flowers will keep on blooming.

Rare hanging house plants

Hanging house plants are great additions for the home and can complement floor or window plants beautifully...

1. Hoya Krohniana Eskimo

This hanging plant hails from the Philippines, so it needs consistent temperatures (not too hot, not too cold) to really flourish.

But when it does, its speckled leaves and deep fragrance make it a superb hanging house plant.

2. Dischidia Oiantha

Native to India and China, the Dischidia Oiantha has shimmering, light green leaves and is fairly drought tolerant, making it easy to care for.

If grown in very bright light, the plant will also produce clusters of tiny white flowers.

The best plants for bathrooms

The best plants for bathrooms are those that thrive in high humidity. Consider these great options to brighten up your bathroom space…

1. Pilea Peperomioides

Known as a ‘Pancake Plant’, the Pilea Peperomioides performs best in bathrooms with windows.

It’s flat, round leaves make it a very eye-catching plant against lightly coloured walls or patterned wallpaper.

2. Aloe Plant

The Aloe Plant is a perfect addition for a bathroom but does require bright light to produce coral-hued flowers that go with its long, pointed leaves.

As well as how great it looks, the leaves can also soothe sunburn and skin irritation.

The best plants for bedrooms

The best plants for bedrooms are those that purify the air – meaning fewer toxins and a great night’s sleep. Why not add one of these to your own bedroom?

1. Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese Evergreen’s glossy green leaves mean it’s a real focal point plant.

It will flourish in steady temperatures and is also tolerant of low light, making it a great option for the bedroom.

2. Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is one of the most common UK house plants and its striped leaves have been in fashion since the 1970s.

When grown well, it will produce baby plants and needs plenty of indirect sunlight to really thrive.

The best plants for kitchens

If you’re looking for a plant to really bring your kitchen to life, you should be thinking as much about practicality as beauty. These two options provide both…

1. Aluminium Plant

The Aluminium Plant’s green and silver leaves work brilliantly against stainless steel appliances.

It’s a hanging plant, too, so it won’t use up valuable counter space.

2. Basil

Not only does Basil look great and smell terrific, but you can also trim off the odd sprig and use it in your cooking.

It loves sunlight, so place it in front of a window and keep the soil nice and moist.

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