Property online: The best apps for buyers, sellers and homeowners

Property online: The best apps for buyers, sellers and homeowners
So, you're looking for a new London home.

But where do you start?

In 1981, it's estimated 22% of buyers looked for property in newspapers first, while 8% relied on suggestions from family and friends.

Fast forward to 2019 and the picture is quite different.

Indeed, even in 2013, a report from website Property Price Advice claimed a massive 94.8% of buyers started their property search on Rightmove or Zoopla.

That figure is likely to be even higher today, although there is now far more choice for buyers online so while the numbers may be higher, they'll also be more spread out than just the biggest two property portals.

And it's not just property searching that is done predominantly online, either.

There are apps for everything, from working out your bills to organising your house move and booking removals.

Here's our rundown of the 10 best property-related apps to download when you're renting or buying a new home...

10 best property apps

1. Zoopla
2. Rightmove
3. OnTheMarket
4. AroundMe
5. Mapumental
6. UK Mortgages
7. Crime Map England & Wales
8. Planner 5D
9. Mint
10. Sortly


If you're searching for a new London property, it's fair to say you'll have a lot of choice.

So being able to streamline your search is key - and the Zoopla app is great at that.

As well as clear prices for each property you view on the app, you'll also be able to contact the selling agent directly and set up personalised alerts for when new properties that fit your criteria come on the market.


Like Zoopla, Rightmove has millions of listings, with thousands in London alone.

If you're searching with a partner, you can sync searches so you both have access to the same properties, while Rightmove also provides great detail on nearby schools and their performance, as well as previous sale prices of the properties you're interested in.

Like Zoopla, you can also set up alerts to ensure you're never caught napping when new properties are put up for sale.


A relative newbie in the property portal world, OnTheMarket is enjoying huge growth currently.

The app offers a 'current location' feature, meaning you can see the properties that are up for sale right where you're standing.

You can also access Google Street View to take a more in depth look at the roads where properties you're interested in sit.

And OnTheMarket is instant, so as soon as a property is listed, it appears on the app.


While having clear information on things like schools is key for many buyers, it's also helpful just to know where amenities are.

AroundMe highlights where everything is around you, from banks and supermarkets to chemists and petrol stations.

It even tells you when the conveniences you're searching for are open and can connect you directly via a phone call.

AroundMe is really handy for buyers searching in an unfamiliar area.


When you move house in London, one of the most important things is working out your daily commute.

And while you can see how far the office is from your potential new home in miles or kilometres easily enough, what you're really interested in is 'time' isn't it?

Mapumental tells you how long it will take for you to get from A to B.

It's nice and simple, but also advises on the best way to get somewhere in the shortest possible time, so not only is it useful when you're considering buying a home, it can be used once you've bought one, too.

UK Mortgages

If you're buying a London home, you might need a mortgage - unless you're lucky enough to be a cash buyer.

Securing the right mortgage can save you a lot of money, so it pays to do your research.

And if you want to do that research on the go, the UK Mortgages app is the place to go.

The app displays current mortgages available according to Mortgage Brain's database and also features a list of brokers in your area.

A host of calculators are also present on the app so you can work out everything from monthly repayments to how much you might be able to borrow.

Crime Map England & Wales

Of course, crime is never something you want to think about when buying a new home.

But if you're moving to a new area of London then it pays to have as much knowledge as possible - and that includes crime rates.

The Crime Map England & Wales app uses real-time data to display information on crime rates and anti-social behaviour by area, as well as details on specific crimes in those areas.

Peace of mind is everything when moving to a new home and this app can help you make the right decision on location.

Planner 5D

So, you've found your dream home, or at least what you think is your dream home.

But it needs a lot of work...

Wouldn't it be great to have an app that can show you what you're new home will look like once you've renovated it?

Planner 5D does exactly that.

You can create floorplans if you're planning to add square footage and customise floors, decoration and even furniture.

The free version of the app provides a great starting point, but it's worth paying for the full version if you're planning and want to visualise major work.


Managing your finances when buying a home is vitally important and Mint is certainly one of the best apps for bills.

The app brings all your bank and credit details into one place and enables you to track household bills and personal liabilities alongside your account balances.

You can also create budgets on the app and get a free credit score so you know how you'll fare with items like mobile phones or car finance.


Among the best apps for moving house, Sortly helps you keep track of your packing room by room.

You can create a moving checklist and take photographs of items before categorising them.

When packing mountains of boxes for a big move, the app can certainly help you ensure nothing is left behind and assist with finding things again when you arrive in your new home.

If you are thinking of renting a property or buying a new home, your local Ellis & Co branch are here to help.