London houses with gardens and where to find them

London houses with gardens and where to find them

Gardens have never been more important.

After the first Covid-19 lockdown in the spring of 2020, 67% of buyers highlighted gardens as important when searching for a new home, according to research by Dataloft Inform.

Fast forward more than 12 months and that desire for outdoor space hasn’t waned, with 64% of buyers claiming they wouldn’t even consider a home with no outside space.

Does having a garden affect house price?

With demand for outdoor space so high since the onset of the pandemic, a study by the AA revealed that, nationwide, buyers are willing to pay 5% more for a property with a good garden.

In fact, data from the Office of National Statistics suggests the value of larger homes with big gardens rose by as much as 10% during the first lockdown.

In London, gardens are arguably even more in-demand given the built-up nature of the city.

How much is a garden worth in London?

The most recent research from property portal Zoopla suggested London buyers were willing to pay as much as £13,000 more for a property with a garden.

That was in 2019, before the pandemic, and with the demand for outdoor space having surged since then, there’s no doubt London properties with good gardens will continue to command a premium.

Where to find houses with large gardens in London

London is wrongly tagged as a city where garden space is at a desperate premium.

If you know where to look, London is home to some fantastic properties with great gardens – as these inspirational outdoor spaces prove…

1. Small but perfectly formed

A lack of space isn’t always a hindrance, as this small London garden proves.

Privacy from fencing and plants makes the seating area hugely appealing, with a fire pit completing the cosy feel.

Where to find a garden like this

Islington is home to some of the best Georgian properties in London, many with well-designed courtyard-style gardens.

2. A true entertaining space

With plenty of seating and shade, this Edwardian property’s garden shows what can be achieved in certain areas of London.

Where to find a garden like this

Some of London’s best Victorian and Edwardian homes can be found in Finchley, alongside many good sized gardens.

3. A blissful balcony

If your budget doesn’t stretch to a house with a garden in the capital, all is not lost.

Many London flats and apartments come with balconies that can be turned into tranquil havens despite a lack of outdoor square-footage – just as Helen has done at her London flat above.

Where to find a garden like this

London is definitely not short of great flats and apartments. Start your search in Tottenham, where a period of regeneration has seen lots of new apartment buildings constructed with superb outdoor spaces.

4. Don’t forget the front garden

Many London properties also have garden spaces to the front, adding even more kerb appeal to period streets across the capital.

Where to find a garden like this

Mill Hill is only 12 miles from The Shard yet the area is home to a traditional village green.

As you might expect, many of London’s best front garden spaces can be found here, especially in the Broadway area, where the biggest 1920s family homes can be found.

5. Take advantage of London’s green spaces

If you’re really struggling to find a property with a suitable outdoor space in London, why not get the next best thing by moving close to one of the capital’s green spaces.

London is most definitely a green city, with more than 3,000 parks and open green spaces for residents to enjoy.

Where to move for green space

Enfield is one of London’s best areas for open, green spaces. Start your search around Trent Park and Forty Hall, but don’t rule out properties near Broomfield Park and Capel Manor Gardens, either.

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